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It broke my heart, honestly. When Damon called him, and he thought he was going to die… i couldn’t. The tears resemble that Stefan was afraid. Stefan may act like he’s not afraid of die, when in reality, Death is his biggest fear. Elena is his not only reason to live, but it’s a major part. Stefan is stronger then Damon, emotionally. When Damon is sad or angry, he kills somebody, or drinks way to much, and cries to somebody other then the people who need him. When Stefan is sad or upset, he consumes his feelings, and just gets on with his life. Stefan is stronger then Damon, Stefan’s love for Elena is stronger then Damon’s. Nothing will be the same anymore. 

Since Elena was turned, her feelings are heightened. Her love for both boys will be heightened, but she chose Stefan tonight. She chose her love for Stefan, over Damon’s. Stefan’s love means more to her then Damon’s. Even though her love for Damon will be heightened, so will Stefan’s. She may forget the compulsion, but she’ll always choose Stefan. It’s always going to be Stelena, Always & Forever.

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